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Vintek featured in Guideposts magazine, July 2014. Saving Vinny

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Click for Article:  Guideposts - Saving Vinny Article

Our story (Vintek Nutrition, LLC - Kameron Carlson, Nancy Carlson, Vinny, Leo and Francesca) was featured in the international magazine, Guideposts in their July 2014 edition. It is a four page story beginning on page 44. We are also featured in Guideposts -The Family Room on page 65. The magazine has an estimated 5 million viewers and 1.7 million registered subscribers. www.guideposts.org

The story is about the pursuit of a solution for a beloved diabetic dog (Vinny) and an answer resulting in a breakthrough treatment for diabetic dogs. The company recently obtained a patent for their discovery and in-turn has a similar patent pending for people.


Diabetes is increasing at epidemic proportions in people and even more dramatically in dogs. Since 2006, dog diabetes has increased 32% (American Humane Society, 2012) and 23% in people (CDC 2012). Both diabetic dogs and people often have similar difficulties in regulating their blood sugar levels. It is estimated that 1 in 160 dogs have this disease. There are over 73 M dogs in the USA alone and an estimated 400 M worldwide according to ask.com.


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