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Overall Pick - Amazon's Choice - Vintek Nutrition's - Nutralin for Diabetic Dogs

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Vintek Nutrition’s – Nutralin (the only patented product for dog diabetes) has earned the “Overall Pick” status on Amazon. The Overall Pick is Amazon’s Choice and highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. One may purchase Nutralin, Sterling Coat, or Vitali-Treaties from our website https://www.vinteknutrition.com or Amazon.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Vintek+Nutrition%2C+LLC/page/0A1CA589-1D34-4B4B-B381-B9CF714EE7E7?ref_=ast_bln

Testimonials: https://www.flipsnack.com/578F9CBA9F7/testimonials-17-apr23/full-view.html

Thank you for your support since 2011.

Vintek Nutrition featured in Moozthemes "Top 10 Natural Supplements for Diabetic Dogs" May 2023

Vintek Nutrition's Nutralin featured in the "Top 10 Natural Supplements for Diabetic Dogs," May 2023 web edition. Click on the following link:  https://moozthemes.com/natural-supplements-for-diabetic-dogs/Our product is actually for diabetes. Many of the featured products are for hip/joint, etc. We appreciate the notoriety and the assistance in spreading the news to those owners who's dogs are struggling [...]

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Dog Owners: New Payment Gateways Added to Vintek Nutrition Website

For additional convenience to our shoppers, we added two new payment gateways to our website:  vinteknutrition.com Fast.co  -  Fast allows you to register once.  Once registered, you will have access to one-click shopping on our site or other sites that subscribe to Fast.  Fast is very convenient for those using cell phones and tablets.Amazon Pay - [...]

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NEW - Free Shipping on 2 or more items. Domestic Only.

Vintek Nutrition is now offering FREE SHIPPING on any 2 products shipped domestically.Thank you for your business.

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Ode to Leo (Vintek Nutrition Owner's Dog)

Ode to Leo: (Vintek Nutrition Owner’s Italian Greyhound)Lord, thank you for the 5,818 days (16 years) with our boy Leo. Leo, a mostly white and slightly brown Italian Greyhound (IG) possessed advanced intuition, was sweet, calm and melted everyone’s heart.Our angel, Leo was delivered in 2004 and was there for us through 4 major life [...]

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COVID-19 and Vintek Nutrition product for your dogs

We at Vintek Nutrition, LLC would like to extend our heartfelt prayers for you and your family during this COVID-19 dilemma. We would like to especially thank our shippers, manufacturers and delivery personnel that continue providing services. Our products for dogs are considered “essential” during this pandemic and we couldn’t be more motivated to get [...]

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Two Complementary Technologies Team Up: Vintek Nutrition's Nutralin and Baycomm Diagnostics' A1CARE

Attention Diabetic Dog Owners: Managing Dog Diabetes Just Got Easier!Two complementary technologies team up: Vintek Nutrition’s Nutralin® and Baycom Diagnostics’ A1CARE™.A1CARE™ The same A1C test that has been the “gold standard” for people for 20 plus years is now available and affordable for dogs and cats. The A1C test can be used for [...]

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ShipStation Featured Vintek Nutrition on their website - Stories Section

Shipstation, the shipping solution for on-line stores recently featured Vintek Nutrition in their STORIES section at the bottom of their website.We are very excited!I thought it was a great idea for them to feature other businesses. It helps everyone.Thank you Erika.

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Vintek Nutrition featured in Argus Leader newspaper - Sioux Falls Business Journal 8-6-14

Vintek Nutrition's story was featured in the Argus Leader newspaper in the Sioux Falls Business Journal section on 8/6/14.  Jay Pickthorn, photographer.  (click on hyperlink below for article)Kameron & Nancy Carlson - Vintek Nutrition featured in Argus Leader - Sioux Falls Business Journal 8-6-14

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Preventing Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

It seems like you can't turn on the news now-a-days without hearing about the alarming rates of diabetes in our country. Diabetes is a growing problem for both people and our favorite furry companions, our dogs. The rate of diabetes mellitus in dogs has increased at an alarming rate. If you have read our previous blogs, [...]

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