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Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  My name is Toby and I was diagnosed on February 13, 2019 while we were on our month getaway to Hilton Head SC.  It was a shock to all of us and a very stressful time.  My BG when diagnosed was over 300.  I was started on Vetsulin right away but my parents had a very difficult time giving me the insulin.  I didn't want it!  I tried to bite them!  I did everything I could to make life difficult.  It was stressful for all of us.  I didn't want to eat.  When we got home, I saw my regular vet and after a few weeks I started to behave.  My mom also found these yummy treats called Nutralin made for sugar babies like me.  I only got them after my insulin and boy I looked forward to them.  By the middle of April my BG was regulated.  I still look forward to my treat and that is really the only treat that I get so it is really special. 

Last week we received the results of the A1C test and my doctor was pleased that it was 4.5.  Submitted by Linda Springfield on behalf of Toby Springfield, DOB June 2009


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Amazon: Irish Mike - 5.0 out of 5 stars Saw the tangible change in glucose monitor readings immediately. - Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2021. Verified Purchase

My diabetic poodle recently morphed into Cushing's disease, so sugar levels have been harder to control. I have not yet started treatment for Cushings as side effects can be severe and my dog is 14, but seizures had started becoming too frequent to delay treatment much longer. My vet uses a human glucose monitoring system on my dog and I’m able to scan to get and instant blood sugar readings throughout the day. The effects of better sugar control were almost immediate after using this as the distraction for insulin shots. Seizures from elevated blood sugar levels just before the second of two daily doses of insulin have disappeared. They’d been getting more severe and frequent. And practically predictable based on glucose monitor readings. My vet is not sold there is a causal relationship, but I’m a data guy. The seizures always triggered when sugar levels got above a certain number, usually 12 hours after the first of two daily injections. And since using this product, the volatility between high and low sugar readings between insulin doses has tightened up enough now and the seizures stopped. The meter hardly ever reads “High” any more and says within a range that’s far narrower.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  In July of 2017, at the age of 9, our little Australian Terrier, Buster was diagnosed with diabetes.  It was very hard to get his blood sugar regulated and we could see, over the months, a gradual decline in his overall health.  I discovered your Nutralin chewable treats online and decided to give them a try.  One thing I can say for sure is that he loved his “treats”.  He never minded getting his insulin injection and was in fact happy to get it because he knew a Nutralin was to follow.   Buster died on February 14, 2020 from a cause unrelated to his diabetes.  I just wanted to let you know that I felt he had a healthier, more joy filled life after his diabetes diagnosis because of your product.  Thanks so much.  Sincerely, KH


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  My Miniature Schnauzer, Rosie, was diagnosed with diabetes on May 23, 2018.  After several curve tests her glucose numbers were off the charts.  Her numbers went from 431 to 341, down to 325, way down to 88, 131 then 406 all the while getting her to the right insulin dosage.  At one point the vet said she may be insulin resistant.  This made me spring into action by contacting the only holistic veterinarian in Louisiana.  The holistic vet suggested Nutralin.   I placed an order immediately.  I began giving these to Rosie on August 9, 2018 and have seen a remarkable improvement.  During Rosie's last two visits her numbers have been around the same (254 and 250), so I know the Nutralin are regulating her insulin.  I will keep you updated on her numbers over the next few months.  Thank you for this great product.  Ramona H, 11/14/18


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: Yes, I do want to do the best for my favorite child as I call him (My grown, human children have no issues with me calling him that.)  Jake turned 13 in June. He was diagnosed with IMHA 18 months ago. IMHA is a horrible auto immune disease that most dogs don't survive.  I believe the IMHA caused the diabetes because Jake was on prednisone for months.  He is no longer on prednisone but he is on other meds which all affect his glucose levels. Blood pressure medication, blood thinner, a stomach pill as well as a supplement for his eyes. He is nearly blind. Poor, little guy.  He sounds like a mess but he looks surprisingly good considering all of his issues.  I worry about giving him the Nutralin in the evening. He has a history of the Somogyi effect at night. I have learned that as long as I give him a bedtime cookie, he seems to be okay. Would it be okay to just give a Nutralin to him in the morning?  Thanks again for your kind words and I look forward to hearing from you.  Kathy W, 11/23/18.  

Kathy,  Every dog is different and you have a lot going on there.  I would say - start out as you suggested and see how it goes.  I have had many dogs with Symogi effect and Nutralin (once honed in with the correct amount of insulin) see that horrible up/down cease.  ie..  Please read Piper’s and owner Jessica’s (vet tech) story on my website in the testimonial section (flip book):  Symogi..  6 units down to 1 unit.  On Nutralin for 6 years.  Stable with 1 iu.  I believe you will be able to substitute the Nutralin for the cookie - later, after you see how it works for you.  It has both long acting and short acting fiber.  It literally appears to smooth out the levels the b/g throughout the day.  That is one of the major benefits of it’s use.  But, start slow and see.  You have a lot going on there.  In visiting with others, Prednisone (steroids) appear to alter the b/g levels.  In regard to the other items, not sure on those.  I am anxious to hear your positive results from the use of Nutralin.  By the time we got Vincent regulated with Nutralin and insulin, he too had gone blind.  He was @ 8-9 yrs, so we had cataract surgery and he could see thereafter.  It was expensive, but well worth it.  Thank you, Kameron


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Hi Kameron, I want to share my story about Nutralin with everyone who has a Diabetic dog and thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Sherna who is 13 1/2 was diagnosed in January 2017 with her glucose at 589. It went down to 95 then up to 215, then 600 then 700.I had to hospitalize her for a day at the Vet recently as her glucose was at 600-700 and it wouldn't level out so we upped her daily dosage from 6 units a day to 8 units.But I thought there has to be something out there that can regulate her glucose so her appetite would return and return her to her old self, well her glucose was 621 on Saturday June 17, I received the Nutralin on Monday June 19, give her a dose at night and on Wednesday when I brought her in for her blood work it had dropped to 283, down 338 points in a day and a half. My Vet said she's doing great keep her on it and see you in 2 weeks. 

I thought there was no hope until Nutralin.  Extremely grateful customer, Wendy


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Posted by RogerKameron, I am hoping that your treats have been the cause of my Eddy's insulin working much better.  My vet up'd his units to 10 a couple of days ago.  Yesterday's glucose check was still 196...not horrible, but not at all where I wanted it to be.  I started him in the treats last night and another this morning with his injection and meal.  I checked his blood sugar this afternoon and it was 119 !!!  That is the best I have seen since he started on insulin two months ago!  Trouble is, not sure if going to 10 units did it....if the treats did it....or if it was the combination.  No matter...we are very happy today with the first decent reading since starting this journey.  I suspect it is the treats??.  Do you have an auto ship program?  Is it less expensive to just go directly with you folks?  Roger


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: Kameron, Thank you for the nice conversation this morning by phone.  Here is some of the information you requested on our Pomeranian, Teddy.  Teddy is 6 years old and is a large Pomeranian, more the size of the breed before it was bred down in size. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on February 2 of this year.  His first two all-day blood panels were done at the vet on February 6 and 12.  They were stressful for Teddy and expensive for us.  Stress can elevate the BG level in a dog.  We decided to conduct BG panels on Teddy at home to reduce stress and expense.  Attached are the results of the nine blood panels.  In each case, the date of the blood panel is provided and the insulin dose the dog had been on up to the time of the panel.  We also show the dog’s weight for the last six panels.  We started Teddy on Nutralin at the end of February.  We learned of the product from the Internet.  Our vet examined the ingredients and said it was fine to try it.  Teddy has a Dia-Treaties following his injections each morning and evening.  He loves it so much that he endures the injection without complaint.  We have no data in which only the variable of Nutralin is changed, so we can’t comment on the efficacy of the product, but just placed our fifth order for the product.  Why rock the boat (as we say in MN) when we have hit on a combination (diet, dose, Nutralin) that works?  Teddy’s urination and water intake are back to normal, and his behavior is normal, at least “normal” for a Pomeranian…  As information, we also used test strips on Teddy’s urine to monitor thing such as BG, ketones, pH, SG, protein, etc.  We wish you continued success in building awareness of your product and helping dogs and their owners adjust to Type 1 diabetes.  If we can be of more help, you have our contact information.   Sincerely, Ken


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Posted by Brenda Hansen on 19th May 2017.  Our schnauzer was diagnosed in December 2016 with diabetes. Her levels were very high and proving to be difficult to control, to the point the vet was concerned she might be insulin resistant. That is when we started our internet research and found dia-treaties. In just a few weeks we saw her glucose numbers show improvements. We attribute that to your product. While the consistency is a bit crumbly, I have been told the manufacturing process is changing which will eliminate that problem. Sally loves them and doesn't mind the injection to be rewarded.

Thank you so much.  I will let you know and give a feedback report.  She has already been reducing in her insulin and we attribute that to her treats.  I will be in touch with feedback.  Thanks again, it's always nice to do business with a company with great customer re service and support.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  5.0 out of 5 stars  Nutralin is working well for my Dog Dillon  -  ByAmazon Customer on November 28, 2016  Flavor Name: Nutralin  Design: Chewable

My dog has been using for about 8 months. Within 3 months, he stopped scratching altogether even though he has bad allergies. He still has flakey skin in spots but, no scratching and he was miserable before I started using them. I originally bought them to use use with his diabetes, but noticed how well they worked for his allergies. He is also extremely allergic to fleas. I then noticed that his numbers that were all over the place before the use of Nutralin, were leveling out. It took about 8 weeks for us. They seriously looked like a roller coaster, now they were small dips and small hills. The trick was to weigh the food he ate, so it was the same amount each time, feed, insulin, and then a diatreatie. Repeat every 12 hours. Dogs have type one diabetes, so there is no cure. Lastly I noticed this past summer, while testing him one morning I found two fleas on his head, that evening 2 more on his head. He should have been scratching terribly, but he had no bites and did not scratch. The fleas were just walking more on his hair then his skin. By the end of the week I removed 10 fleas, all on his head. Came to find out after so many months of using the dia-treaties, they repelled fleas. I am very happy with the product and Kameron the inventor of the product is so nice to talk to. He answered all my questions and has helped me numerous times.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: Amazing Results:   We found out our 6 month old puppy had diabetes a year ago. She began getting 15 units of insulin twice a day which increased to 20 units by the time she was 8 months.   A few months later two friends called us about an article they had read in a magazine about a product called Nutralin which claimed to decrease the amount of daily insulin units. We researched the product and of course, consulted with our vet before ordering our first bag.   We gave our pup two biscuits after each meal/insulin shot. She licked them up! Plus! To our amazement her daily insulin units have dropped from 20 to 17 to 14 twice a day! Our 18 month dog is full of energy with a healthy coat and appetite.   Dee Riepe & Rielly, Montgomery, TX  Excellent (5 Stars)


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Miss Tilly got very sick in December of 2013, shortly after turning 11 years old .  Our first Newfie, Shiwanna had passed away at age 10 1/2 so we were afraid Tilly was dying. We were so happy when the vet said she had diabetes. (She had pancreatitis as well and was extremely ill.) After about a week she started eating again and improving. She was on insulin and a special diabetic dog food as well as daily glucose checks.  In July of 2014,  a friend of mine at work, (who knew all about Tilly)  came in with a copy of Guideposts and gave me the magazine saying, almost ordering me to, “read this, read this now!” It was the article about Nutralin. I read it, and then (at home) went on-line and got information for us, and for our vet. She read it and gave permission for us to start Tilly on Nutralin. 

Tilly liked the treats right away and her blood sugars stabilized, in fact, the vet said to cut back on the insulin

She’s been doing well, seems to be happy. She’s the last remaining from her litter born in 2002, in Scotland. Last month, I thought that she’d been on these treats for a long time and also was taking vitamins so maybe I could save a little money by cutting back to maybe just one or two with her insulin. Then I really miscalculated with the mail delivery and she ran out for a couple of days. Her blood sugar, usually in the low to mid 300’s went up to the 400’s and even hit 512. Her treats came in the mail and the glucose went back to the 300’s, where her vet wants it. I thought the Nutralin were making a difference, but that proved it.  From - Helen Branthaver


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  This is my little Delilah, all 6 ½ lbs. She was very ill with diabetes. One day I was researching the Internet for Help with diabetic dogs.  I found the web site for diabetic Nutralin. My Lucky Day!   After taking Nutralin for a couple of days, her blood sugar started to drop steadily. Now it stays between 110 -125. She has taken them for a couple of Months. My family and I are so thankful.  PB, Beckley, West Virginia


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Posted by Raylee M on 7th Dec 2014 - Hi to all at Vintek Nutrition Store:    I am happy to review Nutralin. Soon after our dog Mabel was diagnosed with diabetes I found and ordered your product. It arrived promptly and the packaging was excellent. The cold packs were still cold! We started on the treatment straight away and Mabel”s condition began to improve almost immediately. She gained the weight that she had lost.Her blood sugar levels are perfect. And in the words of her vet “she looks amazing!” I cannot recommend your product highly enough. Mabel looks a picture of health. Her coat is sleek and shiny, the best it has ever looked and she loves her Nutralin coming straight to the frig after her injection to get her treats. Thanks so much for a great product. RM,Brisbane, Queensland – Australia


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: By GR on July 17, 2014 - Pattern Name: ChewableFlavor Name: Variety Verified Purchase.   I ordered this on July 2 and received it in one day! Wow - never expected that. My husband and I had been discussing if it was time to make an appt. at the vet clinic for our 14 year old Heeler to put her down but I felt the time wasn't right. That she wasn't ready to go yet. Right after that I read the article in Guideposts magazine about this product. At the time I ordered it, our Sissie was barely able to go out to the bathroom and walk back in on her own strength. All she did was eat and sleep. Immediately after starting the Nutralin, she had more pep. I purposely didn't tell my husband that I started her on this product, because I wanted an unbiased opinion. In just two days that she was on it, he began commenting on her behavior and was amazed at the increase in her strength and stamina. Even her hair was improved noticeably. She was able to walk around the yard in just a few days time! I was so impressed, I called the company and had a really informative and pleasant conversation with an employee and the next day, the inventor and owner of the company called me. We had a wonderful conversation about the product, the clinicals they have done and how they are working now on a similar product for human consumption. He explained the process they have been through in the last five years in developing Nutralin. They have also developed other products for dogs who have health issues other than diabetes like the Sterling Coat which I am going to order for my 8 year old Flat Retriever to see if we can get rid of his constant itching. I highly recommend this product. GR, Lead, SD


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: So Glad We Heard About Dia-Treaties!  Posted by L. Eash on 28th Dec 2014.  Our Riley loves these treats and they have helped so much in stopping the need to give him more and more insulin. He has more energy and looks very healthy again. Hope to have him with us for several more years!


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  “You can see from her glucose curve of 8/18/14 how much her glucose DROPPED. The Vet said she was going to look into the info on Nutralin.” “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.”   (see graph in Booklet above)

Thank you for Answering My Prayers for something that would save my Little Sassy’s Life.  JR & Sassy, Athens, IL


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  I am attaching a photo of our sweet Siesta with her adopted sister, Canica. Unfortunately, Siesta passed on August 12th due to cancer.  The last few months of her life were made much more pleasant, thanks to the Nutralin getting her water and food consumption back to normal.  I feel that if the cancer had not manifested on top of the diabetes and thyroid problems she was being treated for,  she would’ve been able to live a much longer life.  She began to feel significantly better after we began your product.  Thank you for giving her back the quality of life she deserved, even if for a few short months.  It meant the world to us!  JM, South Padre Island, TX


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  My dog (Rilla - Westie) has been diabetic for 4 years, her insulin has increased from 3 cc to 10 cc’s.  I started using the Nutralin, within three weeks her insulin needs were decreased from 10 cc’s to 7 cc’s.   She didn’t like the flavor at first so I stuck bits in between Pup Peperoni (not healthy but her all time favorite).  She’ll now eat the Nutralin alone, although she still likes a small Pup Peperoni chaser.  ES & Rilla, Lillian, Alabama


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  Tilly loves her treats, her blood sugar has dropped from the 300's to the 100's and her vet just started lowering her insulin dose yesterday. She seems much happier and is starting to move around a lot more. Even without these results, I would keep buying the treats, because she loves them! (Tilly is a Newfoundland, almost 12 years old, diagnosed with diabetes last December.)  HB, Poplar Grove, Illinois


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: Nutralin has been the perfect addition to our arsenal as we attempt to control our dog’s diabetes. Dexter is a twelve year old Cairn terrier who has suffered from diabetes for 5 years. Insulin injections twice a day helped, but our vet. could not understand why his blood sugar level would spike in the middle of the day. After two weeks on Nutraiin, our vet tested Dexter again and found that he had the lowest blood sugar level recorded to date. We are all believers in the product.  TN, Amelia Island, FL


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  After one month on Nutralin, Siesta has regained her quality of life. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer, so the "brittle diabetes" issue is not our first concern, but it was a nightmare to regulate. Now, we have her blood sugar under better control and she is taking a mild pain med. At nearly 15 years, she is enjoying her life again! We are so grateful for this additional time with her!  GM, South Padre, TX


Nutralin® for dog diabetes:  FYI: Morelli is loving the treats. Combined with a new low-glycemic food (Pet
Botanics), his insulin requirement has dropped essentially 1 unit in 30 days. KM, Tallahasee, FL


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “His (Toto) blood sugars decreased to acceptable levels and he just acted – more energy and playfulness. He became a puppy once again.” “But the most exciting thing that happened was control of his serious allergies. Even in the worse of the pollen season, he remained free of the awful symptoms of allergens.” Sharon and Toto (Cairn Terrier) 6/22/10. Update: 8/14 – Doing Great + 4.5 years!


Nutralin® for diabetic dogs: BJ's story/testimonial is a must read. See the flip book above. 


Nutralin® for diabetic dogs: “I can’t say enough thank you’s or express my appreciation more.” “After a few days on Nutralin, I could not believe how fast she (LuLu) recovered and was back to her old self.” – Arlys & LuLu (Welsh Corgi) 12/2/09. Update: 7/13 – Still Going Strong 4+ years.


Nutralin® for diabetic dogs: “Within the first week Piper had more energy, playful, wasn’t drinking or urinating as much, and wanting to be loved instead of left alone.” “Nutralin, they truly are a life changer and saver!” Jessica and Piper (Min Pin) 6/16/2010. Update: 10/13 – Still Going Strong 4+ years.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “Within a few days we started seeing the change in her (Shadow). Her back legs seemed stronger, her eyes brighter, she had more energy, did not want to drink all of the time and she wanted to play.” “She is my hunting buddy and I was not ready to lose her yet - Nutralin gave me my friend back.” “She has also started to gain her weight back and is looking very healthy now.” Joe and Shadow (Labrador Retriever) 1/30/13. Update: 10/13 - Hunting and Loving Extended!


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “We can objectively speak to the improved quality of life our dog (Indiana) has experienced because of Nutralin” “It is my belief that Nutralin has slowed the course of his disease (Cushing’s Disease and Diabetes) and helped to give him many more happy days.” Eric and Alle and Indiana 1/22/11. Client since 9/2009 – Doing Great 4+ years and counting!


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “She (Maddie) was no longer experiencing seizures and her pain seemed to be very controlled.” “When our daughter came home, she could not believe the change in her dog. She had improved in so many ways, as follows: Insulin decreased, seizure free, brighter eyes, very alert, more strength in back legs, improved appetite with healthy weight gain, ability to bark somewhat restored.” “In short, it seems like Maddie had found the fountain of youth!!!” 1/5/10 Brad, Candi and Maddie (Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever 12 ½ yr old). Maddie passed 1 year later.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “Thank you for saving my dog’s life! Babe was diagnosed with diabetes in the Spring of 2009 and I was struggling with her care ever since; that is until I heard about Nutralin!” “Nutralin is an exceptional product with excellent results!” “I am confident that Nutralin saved my dog’s life!” Cyndi and Babe 9/2009. Babe passed at age 13 in 2012.


Nutralin® for dog diabetes: “We talked to our vet and we all decided to give it a try.  It was the best thing we ever did.  After only using the Nutralin for 3 days her blood sugar was normal.  Holly is 10 years old and acts like a puppy again.  We can't thank you enough for this great product that has helped her sooooo much.  We recommend this produt to anyone that has a dog with diabetes."  Steve, Shaylee & Holly (American Eskimo).


Sterling Coat®  My little boy, Jiffy, was diagnosed with allergies when he was approximately five years old.  Over the years he's been given medications, but the long term affects worried me so I would stop refilling the prescriptions for a while only to return to the vet for something new.  He was also prescribed a medicated spray which seemed to make him scratch more.   The vet gave him a shot a few months ago because he chewed his knee raw.    The shot helped, but the cure for Jiffy's constant scratching and biting is Sterling Coat after being on them for only two weeks.  Jiffy loves these special "treats" which have made his fur look shinier and healthier looking.   And, he is no longer miserable by biting himself raw.  Thank you for this wonderful product.    Ramona Hand


Sterling Coat® for dogs with skin and coat issues:  Relief  - [Rated 5 out of 5 stars by reviewer] - Product: Sterling Coat Treatment for your Dogs Skin and Coat Issues - Posted By: Diane Wilson

My dog was cut at the groomer and got really sick with an infection and a ringworm infection. I used Sterling Coat to see if it would help him and I noticed a change for the good. What really sold me was what happened when I didn't give Sterling Coat to my dog. His coat started looking bad again!  I am delighted to say that Mickey Mouse loves your product and it works too!

Thank you, Mickey's mama


Sterling Coat® for dogs with skin and coat issues: A couple of months ago, my dog Winston was literally chewing and scratching himself raw on his hind quarters and lower back.  He was always crawling into someones lap and trying to convince them to give him a back scratch.  The vet said he was allergic to dried grass, fleas and who knows what else. I bought and used several different shampoos, used oil for the dry skin, he even got a shot from the vet that only lasted a couple of weeks, among other things we tried.  One night while searching the web for solutions, I came across this website.  At this point I was willing to try anything.  I called the following week and spoke with a gentleman.  He answered all my questions and was really reassuring about using the product on a dog who has a history of seizures and takes medication every 8 hours.  I ordered the Sterling Coat Treats and was asked to take his picture and to let them know after a couple of months if the product worked.  It did. Within a couple of weeks, his scratching was gone.  I continued to give him two months worth, just to be safe.  Now that spring is on its way to Texas, he has started the scratching once again.  Time to get another order placed.  Thank you for a great product that seems to be doing what you say it should."  Cody, Austin, Texas 


Sterling Coat® for dogs with skin and coat issues: 5.0 out of 5 stars  - Best skin and coat product I've used.  -  ByBbwyre47on August 28, 2016 - Flavor Name: Sterling Coat  Verified Purchase

Best product for relief of itchy skin, and growth of beautiful coats. Started this after my dog had a reaction to show grooming products. She now sports a thick, glossy coat. And, she loves the product-thinks she's getting a treat!


Sterling Coat® for dogs with skin and coat issues: “His (Barclay) arthritis greatly improved – he prances on walks now. The hair on his back has completely grown back.” “Sterling Coat® Treats have improved the quality of life for our dog. We highly recommend them.” Dr. Douglas, Sandra and Barclay (English Setter) 11/2011. Barclay passed at age 14+ in 2013.


Sterling Coat® for dogs with skin and coat issues: “For the last several years, he has had bumps all over his skin and itches all the time. We have made many trips to different vets taking skin samples and doing tests and trying all different meds to get him cleared up. Last year we started seeing an allergy specialist…. He gets shots of and is on liquid antibiotic. A few months ago he got a big hot spot on his neck.” “We started giving him Sterling-Coat® and STOPPED all other meds. The “hot spot” went away faster than any other time. He has more energy now.. Peggy and Cricket (Cocker Spaniel)


Vitali-Treaties®    9/14/18 - Hi, my name is Paul Dejong of Sioux Falls SD. I have a black lab that is 13 years old and her name is Sadie. She has been a wonderful companion to me for many years as I have had some chronic health problems I have had to overcome. Sadie has been a constant in my life and when her health started to fail, I realized I felt her life on earth would be brief.  I was very concerned. I was contemplating taking her to the vet clinic Memorial Day weekend to have her put down as her breathing had become very labored. Nancy Carlson crossed my path very soon after the holiday weekend.  Nancy Carlson has been a very loyal customer for many years at our garden center. Sadie came up in my conversation with Nancy and she soon recommended a dog treat she and her husband had developed and she was very gracious to gift me two containers of the treats. Nancy did not tell me the potential the product might indeed have or boast how effective the product had been with other dogs.  I had mentioned earlier although very kind of Nancy, I had zero expectations that Sadie would improve. After a few days to a week or so I saw a remarkable turnaround with Sadie.  It was beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I was baffled.  Sadie could now walk with me as before she had problems even making it across the front yard. I saw Nancy a couple weeks later and shared my story about her complete turnaround.  Nancy was thrilled. Nancy shared with me that she had seen that with many dogs that are using the product and told me she wanted me to see the results on my own. Sadie and I continue to walk about a mile a night.  I am certain it extended Sadie’s life and treasure our walks together. I cannot offer any explanation other than the product has had a huge impact on my life and my dog Sadie. Thank you.


Vitali-Treaties® for your dog’s renewed vitality: “His (Bentley) major nose bleeds have ceased entirely, and now he only has trace amounts of blood in his mucus every so often.   He has gained his weight back, and he eats, plays and runs around as if there is nothing wrong with him. I know that his diagnosis is fatal, but I sincerely credit Vitali-Treaties® for giving me extra months with my little guy” “Lisa and Bentley (Bichon Frise’). Passed nasal cancer spread to lymph nodes.


Vitali-Treaties® for your dog’s renewed vitality: “I definitely can tell the difference in my dog” “He is more upbeat and look forward to every morning and night he gets his treats.” MVL and Neiko (Golden Retriever).