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The Next Stage in Diabetic Dog Treatment


Many people are familiar with the growth of diabetes in people, but diabetes in dogs often gets overlooked. Diabetes in dogs, just like in people, causes blood sugar levels to dramatically go up and down which can lead to dangerous situations. The difficult part about treating dogs is that they can't tell you when they don't feel well, and it is hard to know when they need a dose of insulin or a treat to snack on. Luckily Vintek Nutrition is here to help. We have developed the next stage in diabetic dog treatment, called Nutralin®.

Nutralin® is a revolutionary dog diabetes treatment that can help your dog's body support normal blood sugar levels. When taken early enough, this incredible treatment can help to slow and in some cases even reverse the common signs of diabetes mellitus in dogs, such as weight loss, bladder infections, cataracts, and more. We are 100% devoted to the safety of your pet, so each and every product that we sell has been manufactured in the USA in a facility dedicated to soft chew supplements.  Manufacturer is AAFCO member.

More and more dogs are diagnosed with diabetes every day, and because they can't tell us how they are feeling, they are very hard to treat. We believe that our dog diabetes treatment is the next stage in treatment. If you have a dog with diabetes, ask your veterinarian about how Nutralin® could keep their blood sugar levels more stable and halt the other symptoms of diabetes. For more information please check out our Nutralin® page today.