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Preventing Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs


It seems like you can't turn on the news now-a-days without hearing about the alarming rates of diabetes in our country. Diabetes is a growing problem for both people and our favorite furry companions, our dogs. The rate of diabetes mellitus in dogs has increased at an alarming rate. If you have read our previous blogs, then you already know that our innovative diabetic dog treatment, Nutralin┬«, can dramatically increase your dog's well being, as well as make their symptoms easier to manage. During this blog however, we will discussing two ways in which you can prevent diabetes in your dog:

  • Diet- Ingredients that are high in carbohydrates are commonly found on the ingredient list of many of the dog foods in the pet store. Watch your dog's carbohydrate intake carefully by thoroughly reading the ingredient list! A diet with a moderate carbohydrate level will go a long way to preventing diabetes in your dog.
  • Exercise- Obesity is the biggest predictor of diabetes in dogs, which is largely due to your dog's activity level. In order to keep your dog in great shape, you really need to spend at least 20 minutes a few times per day exercising them. 

It may be a surprise to you that preventing diabetes in dogs is very similar to preventing diabetes in people. A healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way for us all, even if your dog's breed is already susceptible to getting diabetes. Developing these habits are not only great for preventing diabetes, but they are also very important for a dog that already has diabetes.