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Dear DVM 

Are you as frustrated as I have been in treating diabetic dogs?  Getting some of these guys regulated can be a real pain. 

For the past several years I have been involved in the research, development and testing of a nutraceutical that has eased my diabetic treatment frustrations. 

It all began with Vincent, a diabetic patient of mine who, despite our best efforts, could not be regulated.  Vincent was a mess: weight loss, lethargy, depression and persistent pu/pd.  Unwilling to give up, his owners began giving him a combination of  ingredients based on their personal knowledge of diabetes.  In less than a week, Vincent showed significant improvement in his attitude, appetite and activity level.  Repeated monitoring showed a stabilization of his blood sugar.  Dia-Treaties® apparently enhanced the utilization of insulin.  DIA-TREATIES® was born!

I began providing Dia-Treaties® to all my diabetic patients.  Without exception their blood sugars stabilized and all dogs showed a significant improvement in overall health, well-being, attitude and vitality.  In most instances, insulin dosages were reduced up to 67%

Therefore, we are launching Dia-Treaties® marketing and sales to practicing veterinarians.

I also plan to be personally available to answer any further questions you may have.  Reach me at (605) 361-1955. (Lukens Animal Clinic).   www.lukensanimalclinic.com


Sincerely,  Samuel H. Lukens, DVM 


  • May Facilitate insulin's utilization
  • May Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • May Prevent pesky roller-coaster blood sugar readings
  • Perfected after years of research and testing
  • Peace of mind for you and your pet
  • GRAS - All Generally Recognized As Safe Ingredients
  • No Drugs - Just Synergistically Combined Ingredients
  • Made in USA - Inspected Facility
  • Patented



The Study



Full View:  https://www.flipsnack.com/578F9CBA9F7/vintek-nutrition-brochure-2017.html   Scribd Link:  https://www.scribd.com/document/378221309/Vintek-Nutrition-Brochure-2017


Brochure - Scribd:   https://www.scribd.com/doc/262346857/2015-4-15-Customer-Brochure-Vintek



What are Dia-Treaties® and what do they do?

Dia-Treaties® are an extremely palatable, supplement for diabetic dogs. They may support insulin's absorption and utilization, smoothing blood sugar levels and preventing those pesky roller-coaster fluctuations. “Brittle” diabetics especially benefit from their use.

They also may cause a general improvement in overall health and vitality.

Who should be given Dia-Treaties®?

All diabetic dogs benefit from their use. Most patient’s insulin doses were reduced by 15% to 67%. Numerous other benefits were noted during testing. (see below)

When are Dia-Treaties® given?

As a treat(s) immediately after each insulin injection: < 25 lbs, 1; 25 – 50 lbs, 2; >50 lbs, 3. Due to their extreme palatability, some pet owners have commented that their dog, in anticipation of getting their “treat”, actually reminded them that it was “shot time.”

How are Dia-Treaties® packaged and stored?

Dia-Treaties® come in a convenient resealable bag inside a container that has approximately 60 treats.  

How do I know Dia-Treaties® are working?

Dia-Treaties® have been shown to have a profound effect on insulin's effectiveness and blood sugar levels. The ideal time to check blood sugar levels for insulin response is approximately halfway between injections. It is recommended this be done within the week after their introduction. This will enable you to determine if a reduction in insulin dose is necessary. If your client is home-testing, have them test at these times and report results to you. Counsel the owner(s) to be observant for signs of hypoglycemia and be prepared to provide a sugar “boost” if necessary.

Why should I prescribe Dia-Treaties® in my practice?

Besides the obvious effects they have on insulin and blood sugar, we noted numerous other benefits: hair coats substantially improved; chronic pruritis and dermatitis alleviated; diabetes-associated cystitis eliminated; delay in the onset or lack of development of cataracts.

Where do I get Dia-Treaties®?

Order a supply at www.vinteknutrition.com or we will conveniently ship directly to your client at your request.


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