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Dia-Treaties Introduction:                        The Future Protocol For All Diabetic Dog Care 



Dia-Treaties Usage Statement - Veterinarian Supervision 


Caution (Dia-Treaties - Users): Please use under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  A blood glucose monitoring kit is recommended.  Dia-Treaties may enhance insulins uptake and your pet may experience a low blood sugar reading requiring you to lower insulin amounts given.  The signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can be as follows:  lethargy, loss of balance, trouble walking and confusion to mention a few.  One should consult your veterinarian immediately if any of these symptoms appear.  If you have a diabetic dog, you should have a glucose increasing food (syrup, sugar, etc.) available should you experience a low blood sugar event.  Low blood sugar is very dangerous and potentially fatal.  Dia-Treaties administration in conjunction with insulin is a process to work through.  Once the optimal insulin dosage along with the proper number of treats (see box for dosage) has been established, clients have experienced the need to decrease insulin dosage in the range of 15% to 67%.  In the first 3 days to 4 weeks, it is especially important to monitor the blood glucose carefully with your veterinarian and/or a blood glucose meter.  Dia-Treaties is not a cure for diabetes.  However, once the correct amount of insulin and Dia-Treaties is established, your dog will enjoy a happy, stable, normal life for many years to come.*

Product(s) contains a proprietary blend of yeast and some pets may be allergic to it.


The Study

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Education, FAQ's, Storage & Handling and Dosage (click on shortcut): https://wp.me/p1Lcxy-5e  


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