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See our story featured in Guideposts magazine - July, 2014 located on page 44 titled "Saving Vinny" and also in The Family Room on page 65. 



Argus Leader Newspaper - Sioux Falls Business Journal 8/6/14 (click on picture for story)

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P/R Newsweb link - 2/4/14 - click on picture to view story:



kelo-jpg.jpg   Angela Kennecke, reporting (2/21/2012)  



ShipStation Featured Story(2/26/15)

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Vintek's Featured Partners, Veterinarians and Pet (Flipbook)


Magazine Articles - Vintek Nutrition:


Pharmacy Specialties Inc. (click on picture below - website or Flipbook above for details)



Pharmacy Specialties, Inc. is a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy!  PCAB accreditation gives patients and providers a way to evaluate a compounding pharmacy’s commitment to quality.  PCAB accreditation involves a rigorous ongoing dedication to quality improvement and patient safety.  Pharmacy Specialties, Inc. received its PCAB accreditation in sterile and nonsterile compounding in October 2011.

We are an independently-owned pharmacy devoted exclusively to compounding since 2001.  This means that every prescription is custom-made according to the needs of the patient as ordered by a licensed provider.  Every area of medicine can benefit from compounding.  Compounding allows providers to think “outside the box” to treat their patients’ needs.  Manufactured drug products may not be appropriate for every situation or may be discontinued or temporarily unavailable.  Prescriptions may be compounded when an alternative dosage form or flavor is needed.  For example, when a product is available as an “adult-size” capsule or tablet , a “child-size” liquid in the child’s preferred flavor may be compounded.  Prescriptions may also be compounded free from dye, preservatives, sugar, gluten, casein, eggs, soy, corn, metal, phenol and alcohol.  We are a problem-solving pharmacy.  Providers call daily to work with our pharmacists to find the best solutions for their patients’ problems.  Our specially-trained staff consists of three full-time pharmacists, two part-time pharmacists and five nationally-certified pharmacy technicians.  We are located on 57th street, just south of the tunnel, in Sioux Falls.

Pharmacy Specialties is a compounding only pharmacy that can make medications that your pet will LOVE to take. We can prepare oral, flavored compounds in your pet’s favorite flavor, or possibly prepare the medication in a topical form that you rub on your pet’s ear, making medication time easier for all. We even assisted in preparing the formula for the diabetic dog treats your pet may already enjoy.

Pharmacy Specialties follows USP 797 and 795 regulations, so your pet’s medications are made with the same exacting standards used for people. We are a PCAB pharmacy affiliated with PCCA, so if we don’t have your specific formula, we have experts just a call away to help us figure out how to make exactly what you need. We can mail medications if needed to help you avoid an extra trip.

Call us for your special needs pet and let us help you make life easier for your best friend. You know they would go to the end of the world and back for you and we are just a phone call away.


Featured Veterinary Clinic: Lukens Animal Clinic - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Description of Business:

Since 1974, a small animal (pet) practice dedicated to explanation, information and education of our clients.  We practice preventative medicine, surgery, dentistry, orthopedics and behavior consultation.  We have worked closely with Vintek Nutrition for the past several years in the research and development of Dia-Treaties, Sterling-Coat and Vitali-Treaties.

Awards, Accolades, etc..

President So. Dak. Veterinary Medicine Assn. 1984 -85; Service on Sioux Falls Board of Health, Board of Directors Sioux Falls Humane Society and South Dakota Veterinary Examining Board

List of Veterinarians:

Samuel H. Lukens, DVM - Colorado State University - 1974

E-Mail:  dr.sam.lukens@gmail.com


Featured Veterinary Clinic:  Oakes Veterinary Service, Oakes, North Dakota


Description of the Business:

Oakes Veterinary Service is a growing large and small animal practice located in a rural North Dakota community. There are three Dr. Galbreath’s on staff, one of which specializes in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Our clinic offers blood chemistries, digital radiography, ultrasound, dental prophylactics, small animal surgery including orthopedics, grooming and boarding.

Awards, Accolades, etc.

Distinguished Service Award,

Community Leadership Awards

4-H and FFA Sponsorship and Support

List of Veterinarians:

Craig Galbreath, DVM

Collin Galbreath, DVM MS

Fonda Galbreath, DVM

Contact Information:

Website:  www.oakesvet.com   "Like" us on Facebook at Oakes Veterinary Service

E-mail:  oakesvet@hotmail.com

Location:  Hwy 1 South, 721 Oak Avenue, Oakes, ND 58474

Telephone Number:  (701) 742-2486



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